We carry many of the supplements we prescribe and can provide you with the formulas at the time you are seen. Please call ahead to make sure we have the item you are requesting in stock.

Due to our concern with issues regarding quality ingredients used in the manufacturing of supplements, we provide a full line of botanical and nutritional products that are carefully chosen and researched by our doctors. The products are physician grade and of the highest quality available.

We also offer online ordering through some of the companies we use if that is more convenient for our patients. Please call or email us to request your one-time referral code to set-up a patient account for the companies listed below.


For Dr. Sarah’s patients, use the referral code “NORTHERNSUN”, and for the last name, use “Ackerly”.

For Dr. Alicia’s patients, use the referral code”NORTHERNSUNAT”, and for the last name use “Thomas”.